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[pct-l] Mandatory bear canisters

    What specifically do you do to avoid bear problems?


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> > Rumor has it that most if not all national parks are going to make bear
> > canisters mandatory within the next three years.  Olympic NP is
> >
> That's bad....
> ... and it's not going to correct the problem if people remain aloof and
> lackadaisical.
> Bear canisters are a cop out for someone that's not willing to accept that
> they're in the wild or should I say, a spoiled bear environment.  I
> it's a lot easier for a ranger to check a hiker at the trailhead to see if
> they carry a canister or not.
> What about the others that practice proven techniques?  "Yes Mr. Ranger,
> spent 200 nights in bear country and have never had my food stolen.  What
> difference does it make what method I use, as long as I pay attention?"
> "That will be a $500 fine for insubordination."
> Raccoons in Olympic NP?  Does it take a canister to stop them?  I would
> the outlawed Ursasac's would do the trick for the foolhardy there.
> I can only imagine the NPS has come to the conclusion, that there are more
> idiots out there then they can control, and the bears and raccoons are the
> least of their problems.
> Sly
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