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[pct-l] The external frame comeback!

 If bear canisters are here to stay, I may really work on making a pack( 
using my old Jansport D3 frame)  that will hold 2 canisters on top and have a 
light nyon bag on the bottom. Actually, I have seen some large diameter PVC 
around ,but not sure if any homemade stuff passes park rules. You could make 
two large canisters fairly cheap that could attach to pack frame and make you 
look alittle like Lloyd Bridges from ' Sea Hunt".  Externals have long been a 
champ of hauling big bulky stuff. This is not advice for the thru-hiker as a 
pack of this type would weigh a bunch, but would be fine for week trips In " 
Canister Only" land. An external that would hold two Garcia's , have a water 
bladder space, and soft bag near the bottom for sleeping bags and clothing 
may be a big seller in a few years in the regulations expand. Canisters don't 
mix well with internals and waste valuable space in their small bags. An 
external could carry three such canisters, plus sleeping gear to form a great 
waterproof, bear proof pack. The external may " Be Back!!!!"