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[pct-l] New System

"The Full Skinny is very large with
a super waist belt. This weird configuration seems to do the job.  I use the
Dana Designs Wet Rib in front on the GoLite shoulder straps for the water
bottle and miscellaneous items.  Also, I use the Kelty waist belt buckle pad
on the Full Skinny's waist belt for extra efficiency"

I recently tried an old Kelty with a Jansport waist belt and North Face back webbing.  I used two carabiners with figure eights clipped in on top of three platypus bags.  These double as shoulder pads well except the platypus bags tend to leak and make the waist band swell.  The swelling cut off all circulation to my legs, which I wrapped in cellophane to keep mosquitos off, and I found this actually enabled me to walk further before collapsing.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I used stripped inner tubes for straps and inverted the pressure nipple in order to keep down the dust when the temperature gets above eighty or so.  This weird configuration doesn't sound too light however the weight is more than offset by the two large helium filled sleeping bags that I use for warmth and shelter in case of inclement weather.  But I digress . . .  

Best regards,

Chamonis Forbeck III