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[pct-l] New System

Well, I have a new weird lightweight backpack system that seems to work well.  I bought the REI Full Skinny fanny pack and wear my GoLite pack on top of it.  The GoLite does not need a waist belt with this system, since it is "sitting" mostly on the fanny pack.  The Full Skinny is very large with a super waist belt. This weird configuration seems to do the job.  I use the Dana Designs Wet Rib in front on the GoLite shoulder straps for the water bottle and miscellaneous items.  Also, I use the Kelty waist belt buckle pad on the Full Skinny's waist belt for extra efficiency

I have never heard of anyone using this type of setup.  Maybe there is a reason for that.  I will call it the "Switchback System" until I gearhead up something else.  Happy trails, Switchback