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[pct-l] seattle times article on lightweight PCT hiking

Check out the PCT trail lightweight backpacking
article in today's Seattle Times newspaper:


It appears this person was propped up by the big-name
gearmakers associated with Backpacker magazine.  I
think we can all immediately see where he could
further save weight if he was truly thinking
"ultralightweight" (he uses this term pretty loosely).
 I wonder if the Times would consider a challenge to
report on how those of us rely on as much (or more)
the homemade and cottage industry gear as that of the
MSRs and TNF of the world?

Besides the choices of gear, I also have other
misgivings about the article.  He laments about not
having the time to enjoy the surroundings due to his
quest to put in high mileage, suggest that lightweight
travel risks your "well-being", and is not wise about
his hydration and nutrition efforts.  I think we would
all agree that the wise, careful, and prepared
lightweight hiker can enjoy their experience without
sacrificing the benefits of the surrounding beauty nor
risk life/limb or adequate energy level.

(apparently an "ultralightweight zealot" according to
the reporter)  

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