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[pct-l] Alcohol Stove Revisions

A funny thing happened to my "Mad Monte Design" alcohol stove.  I made it just like the instructions said, taking special care to make the holes around the rim of the can real small.  Near sea level in my backyard, it worked great with blue pressurized flames all around.  However, when I took it up to 10,000 feet it didn't work worth sh!t.  Upon inspecting the difference between mine and PA Jeff's I noticed that the only significant difference was that his holes were larger.  So I made mine larger and viola!  DA!  

So now I just need to come up with a design that has adjustable hole sizing!

Moral:  Just because it works in your backyard doesn't mean that it will work in the mountains.

Reverse moral:  Anything that tastes like sh!t in your backyard is very likely to taste great at 10,000 feet.

Greg "Strider" Hummel