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[pct-l] Bears at Crater Lake

In a message dated 9/3/01 7:39:32 PM, prehistorictony@yahoo.com writes:

<< I
think they need to be better educated there.

PT >>

The bears or the camp managers!? The way authorities keep changing their 
minds on how to deal with the bear "problem," maybe telling you to just keep 
your food in your tent is the latest "solution." I wouldn't be a bit 
surprised. So what did you do and HAVE you ever slept with your food if the 
question isn't too indiscreet or personal? I'll be the first to confess. I 
was unfaithful  to the authorities and slept with my food each and every 
night on my thru hike in 99 so I could satiate my lustful cravings for a 
midnight snack, bluffed a bear out of my camp in Yosemite by being very 
aggressive, and how does that song go -- "never lost a minute of sleep 
worrying about the way things might of been." Yeah I know I was just lucky, 
but hey, I'm a lucky guy who "loves the smell of napalm in the morning" ( see 
Apocalypse Now - the surfing in enemy water scene with Robert Duvall) There 
must be dozens of people just waiting for the day my "luck" runs out so they 
can all chant in unison, I TOLD YOU SO, STUPID ( shall I add you to the list, 
Tom?)  Never got giardia either in 47 years of drinking unfiltered creek 
water and I don't even own a water filter. At the risk of sounding flippant, 
I just possess a real nasty immune system that loves to pick the cilia off 
those nasty germs before dispatching them to their final, excruciatingly 
slow, journey through the colon. I visualize my white blood cells as great 
white sharks just looking and circling for giardia germs. If the nasties get 
by them, they have to deal with the boys in the 'hood, my T cells who don't 
like strangers messing around in their territory. They never even heard of 
the live and let live philosophy. Germs get tortured to death and that is 
that, no compassion whatsoever. I like to think that many a germ says UH OH 
when they enter my body and decide to do themselves in rather than face my 
immune system. And if you think visualization is a bunch of bunk, then it is. 
Any comments, doctors? A disclaimer: Kids, don't try this at home. Don't 
ever, ever drink city tap water without chlorine in it no matter what your 
immune system is like because you will DIE if you do and I'll be chanting "I 
told you so". God help you if the chlorine injection system fails. Stick with 
the Evian.  
  On a serious note,4 climbers fell into a crevasse on Mt. Baker, one I 
crossed about a week ago. One of them died. I haven't heard the details yet 
except that they slipped and slid several hundred feet. I'm betting they 
prematurely took off their crampons when they thought the snow had softened 
and then ran into unexpected ice, and slipped. Hard to believe that they 
slipped with crampons on. We all wore crampons and I don't recall a single 
slip by anyone in my party. I will find it very disconcerting to learn that 
they all slipped into that crevasse while wearing crampons because it will 
reinforce that saying by Teton mountaineer Paul Petzdolt that "no matter how 
careful you are, sooner or later you'll throw snake eyes."
 Hopefully this post will stir things up a bit. It's getting kinda slow