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[pct-l] Singing Steve

 Had Singing Steve over for Pizza tonight as he just finished hiking with his 
Dad to Snoqualmie Pass. He heads back up tomorrow to finish his hike with 
friend Dave who hiked from Mexico to Warner with us this year. ( He looks 
lean and is having a great time!) I may go to White Pass next weekend and do 
a little trail magic myself with a few friends , plus pick a few berries for 
huckleberry pie. Sounds like Steve and a few folks will do Glacier Peak on 
the way. Weather has been in the rain mode lately and is helping the fire 
problems. Hope to make it to the ALDA-West gathering at the end of the month 
and see a few folks. ( Of course , most other hikers will turn their backs 
and say, " OH-NO ,He's here again!!!!". See you soon, Monte" Hiker from Field 
of Dreams" .