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[pct-l] Kick-off Tapes going out Monday

 Tripod is bringing the copies from the kick-off tape today and will have 
them in the mail Monday. Anyone who is did get a tape from Greg earlier or is 
interested, please send me a private e-mail and I will get it to them Monday. 
( PS, I lost most the addresses sent to me earlier and need to replace them 
if you were interested) Tape could easily be called " Legends of the PCT" 
with inviews of several trail angels and water stashers, former thru-hikers, 
this year's latest and hottest gear, Rare footage of " Flyin Brian" not  in 
the act of walking !! Plus all the people from this year's event. ( Even the 
infamous Meadow Ed 's early trail  briefing on water holes along the route ) 
This tape is not sold in stores and is uncencored. Plus actual " Bonfire" 
footage never before seen on camera!!!!!!!! Mad Monte