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[pct-l] Old Gear

 I bought my first high dollar pack in 1972 which was an upgrade from my 
Dad's old " Trapper Nelson".  I got an state of the art, " AlpenLight"  with 
it's " Wrap around frame. Basicly just a Kelty with the lower part of the 
frame that comes out and around your hips. Much like Hawkeye's pack of last 
year which was a K2 something.  My Jansport D3 of 1977 was a step up on this 
with it's shock absorbing " Beater Bars" that made good handholds but ground 
your hip bones to sawdust after 2,500 miles with 70 lb loads.( 40% of all 
former Jansport owners now need hip replacement after age 40)Jansport packs 
of the 70's were much better quality than the packs of today. ( Today's 
Jansport's are imports of less quality) Dick Kelty would roll in his grave 
also to see how today's Kelty's stack up against his hand crafted of 
yesteryear. ( Exception: is today's high end Kelty's which are very light,but 
very expensive)