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[pct-l] 'old' items and PCT Guide

My first backpack was a homemade job.  It was a wooden dowel external frame 
with a canvas bag strapped to the frame.  Late 60's - early 70's era.  My 
older brothers made them in the Scouts.  I sure wish that I still had one.  

Greg "Strider" Hummel

P.S. As attendees of the ADZ saw, I have, in good shape, most of my original 
gear from 1977, including:
- Kelty Tioga with original shoulder straps and waist belt.
- TNF Bigfoot polarguard sleeping bag
- Custom machined, aluminum, dual burner, dual controls, cartridge stove (I 
even have 3 of the original cartridges still)
- Snow Lion Down Jacket
- Wood handled ice axe
- Sierra Designs Starflight Tent
- I also have 3 cans of the original Snow Seal (yes, that doesn't work!  
That's why I still have it!)
I still use the pack, sleeping bag, tent and ice axe.