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[pct-l] New BackpackingLight.com site

> Thanks for mentioning and supporting my site. I will definately be

Gina: Did you know that your www.hiketheworld.com site is FUBAR? Everytime
I've tried to go there recently, I get a page from the domain registrar--not
your hiketheworld info. (Paid your hosting bills, lately? <g>)

> For those that are interested, I recently discovered a book put out in
> by the National Geographic Society on the Continental Divide Trail.
> Wonderful photos! I wonder if there is an equivilent for the PCT. Does
> anyone know?

You bet. "The Pacific Crest Trail," by William Gray, published by National
Geographic in 1975. You'll find it on most auction sites, but I think your
best deal right now is at Half.com, where you can pick up a copy for less
than $5, including shipping.


(BTW, I've been using Half.com for the past several months to buy and sell
used CDs and books. It's sort of like a reverse auction: rather than buyers
bidding against each other to get the highest price to the seller, sellers
bid against each other to list a commodity item--books, CDs, etc.--at the
lowest price. There are a fair number of dealers in there, but you mostly
see individuals. I've had nothing but good experiences so far.)