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[pct-l] The rocket science of backwoods life:

The rocket science of backwoods life:


"Members consist of all age groups, and include many singles, couples, 
families, and friends. The Club, now known as JPL Hiking +, was also 
named the "JPL Hiking Club," the "JPL Hiking and Backpacking Club" 
and the "JPL Hiking and Backpacking Club and Wilderness Gourmet Society" 
in years past. 

        "This last descriptive title originated in part from a memorable 
High Sierra backpack to Iva Bell Hot Springs where a talented member not 
only served iced margaritas to fellow backpackers in a natural hot pool, 
but whipped up a stunning gourmet dinner of mu-shu chicken (complete with 
plum sauce!) on a tiny backpacking stove. Soon a loyal following of 
culinary artists emerged, and thus began a tradition of holding a "Happy 
Hour" the first evening of any given trip. We enjoyed a tremendous array 
of delectables, from homemade to store-bought; not surprisingly, many 
appetites were spoiled from indulging in too many hors d'oeuvres, and 
dinner plans were frequently put on hold until the next evening."