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[pct-l] off the list and onto the PCT

Dear listers,

1973 a good year to buy gear... my god, the only gear I liked was a 
'fisherprice' baby activity centre at that time!

I will have to unsubscribe to the list within a few days as we are 
leaving the Low Lands of the Netherlands on Saturday to go and hike 
about 600 miles of the PCT. I am nervous as hell about everything 
from bears to jet-lag to availability of breakfast cereals at 
MacKenzie Pass... Our mailbox will be overstuffed if we don't 
unsubscribe, so that's what we'll do. I'll resubscribe after 'the big 

I just want to say thank you to all the list-members who have 
suffered my 'I know best' comments about 'illegals' in the US and 
about socks, toothpaste and everything in between. Thank you for the 
good advice, the entertainment and for making my pre-hike experience 
much more fun.

Can someone out there keep their fingers crossed for a few moments? 
Who knows, maybe it'll help.
Oh, and one last question: does anyone know if there is internet 
access at any of the resupply points / in any of the resupply towns? 
My mom was really disappointed when I told her that I'd call her from 
time to time (once a week), but would not be sending her updates from 
conveniently located internet cafes... So she knows that won't 
happen, but maybe I can send her a couple of messages anyhow. We will 
try to walk from Willamette Pass (OR) to Manning Park (BC).

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