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[pct-l] New BackpackingLight.com site

I generally try to stay quiet online. I have discovered that if I am 
patient enough, someone will post whatever I had to offer. I prefer to 
correspond back-channel, call it a gray-old-fart's last tip of the hat to 
manners. BUT...

I am posting my opinions about Ryan Jordan's (and colleagues') new 
Backpacking Light - The Online Journal of Lightweight Backcountry Travel to 
a couple of lists because:

1 - It is rare that a release 1.0 of anything on the web is so well-designed.
2 - It is refreshing to find such an initial release where all the 
hyperlinks not only work but point to something with content instead of an 
"under construction" gif.
3 - The site appears to be edited by those with some publishing experience 
who understand the issues surrounding online publication - they have 
covered most of the bases.
4 - The site is directed at a market that does not yet have adequate coverage.
5 - The variety of subjects covered in this first edition means most 
readers will find something of interest.
6 - The wry sense of humor in Jordan's articles is appealing.

Special kudos to Braaten (Nutritional Considerations) and to Jordan/Nelson 
(Wonderful Wool). These were very well-written, offered uncommon 
perspectives, and made available information not readily accessible elsewhere.

I hope they will be able to maintain fresh content and expand the pool of 
writing talent already enrolled.  Our participation may be the key here.

My profound appreciation is extended to them (and others like The 
Lightweight Backpacker http://www.backpacking.net/ ; Troubadour, 
http://www.pcthiker.com ; and Gina Leach  http://www.hiketheworld.com ) for 
making sych material available to the rest of us.