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[pct-l] Re: Flashback - Old Gear Still in Use

For sure, 1973 was a great year for sales of top quality gear! I think I
bought my Holubar Expedition sleeping bag that year - it had to be with
a short zipper 'cause we were fearful of the cold creeping through the
zipper, and its color had to be international orange 'cause I was in
mountain rescue! I still use it, but for moderate temps due to its loss
of loft from it always being compressed while stored.

Another great Colorado gear company was, uh, Sierra Designs? Am I right
on that? Not the present Sierra Designs who make tents, but one which
was founded in Colorado and they made some of the best down parkas then
available (the only U.S. competitor to the then popular French
"Terray"); also made sleeping bags and rucksack-style packs (one in
international orange). Their logo was an edelweiss flower. They too were
bought out in the 1980s by a conglomerate.

I remember Camp 7 from our "Mountain High Limited" mail order business,
in which we tried to reach a marketing agreement with Camp 7 but they
were bought out by A-16 or PMS or somebody then, around 1981, and we
only sold a few of their bags.

"In Memorium",