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[pct-l] Re: Old gear

Since you're the list expert on older model Kelty packs, maybe you can 
identify a Kelty external frame pack I bought this weekend at a tag sale for 
only $2.  It's in very good condition, just missing the top and bottom frame 
end plugs.  I think it's from the 70's because of the metal camlock buckle on 
the hip belt.

The label says High Adventure design by Kelty, has two side pockets, divided 
main compartment, a zippered pocket on the upper main pack which is usually 
covered by the packbag flap, straight shoulder straps and a metal camlock on 
the hip belt.  The pack is a deep blue color.  I weighed it all when I took 
it apart to wash away the years of storage dust.  The aluminum frame is 1 lb 
7 oz, shoulderstraps 4.4 oz, the hipbelt 10.4 oz and the packbag 13.8 oz.  


ps. I still use a Frostline daypack I made in 1974 and a Gerry down sleeping 
bag I received as a graduation present from my folks.

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