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[pct-l] Re: The Strider [memorial] rout to the Ritter Range with no Bear ...

Hey! Tom! I really don't like the inference that I'm nearly dead. A Zombie, 
sheez!  Me, my old brother (well, yes, you might call him a little more dead 
than me) and some kids who just don't understand, nor respect, what the "old 
guys" did in "the old days" may just be camped in the middle of the HATED 
ZONE.  We wont be taking the panzie-ass route that Tom shames my name with, 
NO!  We will be hiking right up the middle of the HATED ZONE and camp right 
dab in the center of the HATED ZONE because we are manly men who can carry 
old heavy gear and look good while doing it and aint afraid of no bears!    
When/if those HATED CREATURES threaten us, we'll be armed with our trusty 
sling shots and wimpy attitudes.  

We tell those kids and we tell them and tell them and they just roll their 
eyes and wisper "oh, God, not those stories again, Dad!"  I used to call 
Zombies "shrivs" for shriveleds, until my skin started to shrivel!

Greg "the Zombie" Hummel