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[pct-l] PCT Flashback!!!!!

Hi Jeff,

    I not only remember Camp 7, I still have and use regularly the down
bag I bought back in 1973. It is purple color (grape I think C7 called
it) and is still in good shape after many years of light to moderate

    I also have an A-16 backpack, sort of.  Shortly after I first bought
it, I replaced the bag with another one made by Camptrails for the A-16
frame. I replaced the front part of the waist belt with one I made using
a Kelty quick release stainless steel buckle. Now I've just replaced the
whole belt again with a lighter and only padded on the sides where
needed belt.

    Who else has what *old* gear (over 10 years) still being used?


> How about Camp 7, Remember them?
> I still have a bag I bought when I was 15 back in 79'. Except for a few burn
> holes it's still in pretty good shape!

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