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[pct-l] Brian Robinson on the front page of the San JoseMercury


Nice post-- thank you-- I missed the article...Being also a Silicon
Valley engineer who quit his job - (3 years ago to climb and hike
and move to the mountains we all love so much)
it touched me very deeply becasue I relate so well...
But I have had a serious ankle injury for the last 6
months and is difficult even for me to hike
to the 'frigerator--so I follow him vicariously..

It was a pretty good article and somewhat inspiring
to read and again quite accurate for a newspaper article.

I am sure Roy is proud, eh?

Rich Calliger

At 4:53 AM -0800 6/25/01, David planning PCNST wrote:
>The printed newspaper had a small picture, not very identifying.
>But a fairly accurate article for a general newspaper.
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