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[pct-l] ...lake stren wilderness..

Mt Shasta area is super...Trinity alps are very isolated and peaceful.

Sidetrips off the PCT throught N. Calif as well as Oregon and Wash
are beautiful-- just pick your area you like...

But- all time fav is the Sierra..uncomparable beauty except perhaps
for the trek between Chaminoix(sp?) and Zermat in the Alps.


At 9:28 AM -0800 6/22/01, JoAnn M Michael wrote:
>Mike: Almost as usual, no one mentioned much besides the Sierra and
>vicinity.  Up in extreme No. CA are the Trinity, Russian and Marble
>Wilderness. No bear related equipment needed; VERY few people (especially
>compared to the Sierra); elevations from 5000' +/- to 7500' +/-: lakes as
>beautiful as anywhere; quiet; easy to find solitude; and again, VERY FEW
>Have fun; enjoy your trip wherever you go.
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