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[pct-l] The Strider [memorial] rout to the Ritter Range with no Bear Canister

>From Mammoth take the trail from the Monument up Snow Creek and make a right
[south] towards Summit Meadow. As you amake that right turn you will leave
the HATED bear canister required territory and can camp anywhwer, anyway
without evil bureaucratic intervention. Continue south past Stairway Meadow
heading southeast to Cargyle Meadow and Corral Meadow. With this method you
CLEAVERLY traverse south and west of the HATED, ZOMBIE INFESTED ZONE around
Iron Mountain, the southern terminus of the Ritter Range and begin to head
north crossing Iron, Dike and Slide Creeks to reach the North Fork San
Joaquin River which is still in freedom territory. Continuing north up the
San Joaquin you reach trail end on the WEST side of the Ritter Range and the
HATED ZONE. Undaunted by the trail's end you blaze a trail West Northwest,
to Lake Catherine, a rugged outpost of freedom just yards from the zombies
camped at Thousand Island Lake. From this rugged, windswept bastion of free
camping it is a trivial matter to hike north to the Holy Peaks of the Ritter
Range, how half covered [but only the eastern half] by the HATED ZONE.
Carefully choosing your peak of worship you scale the west side of the
blessed heights and arrive just 1 millimeter west of the peak where the
HATED ZONE begins.