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[pct-l] call for itineraries through lake strewn wilderness f or a post-f...

<< Probably the best single loop in the Sierra is the North Lake to South Lake
 loop out of Bishop.... continue past LeConte Canyon southward up
 the Golden Starecase to Palisade Lake, then take the x-country over several
 xcountry passes to Dusy Basin. I have heard that Mt. Sill is a walkup but a
 very tough one. >>

You've picked a good one, Tom!  Thanks for jogging my memory.  My two boys (a 
lot younger then) and I (haven't aged a bit) crossed the talus slope between 
Bishop and Thunderbolt Pass because we didn't want to shed too much altitude. 
 We were rock-hopping along when, unexpectedly, a house-sized boulder moved 
under me when I stepped onto it!  It was about the same sensation as hearing 
a close rattler that you don't see on the trail.  Get someplace else fast!  
The house didn't come tumbling down so we're still here to tell about it.  

We almost climbed Mt. Sill the next day, but Dad chickened out before we 
reached the top when storm clouds started rolling over the peak.  A memorable 
trip for all of us!