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[pct-l] call for itineraries through lake strewn wildernessfor a post-frost fall backpack


My all time fav is JMT from Tuolumne Meadows south is most
excellent- you can stay high at the various ridgelines
near Mt Lyell, Parsons peaks, etc. You don't say
exactly when you are going -- right now it is a tad cold to
swim <smile> and the stream crossings are a little
high IMExperience. However if you go in Aug or Sept
or even early Oct (is that Post fall?)
you will be delighted with the (slightly) warmer
shallowish lakes in the higher elevations..

There is also the Desolation wilderness and Mt Tallac

Then Sonora Pass area where the PCT stays up around 9000
for a while.


At 9:53 AM -0800 6/21/01, Mike Neubig wrote:
>Hi All,
>Any suggestions for a one-weakish backpack of 10-15mi/day that
>would lead one through upper elevations (>4000') laced with
>swimable waters - be they lakes, creeks, ... -  along the PCT
>or elsewhere in the West?
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