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[pct-l] Updated Water Report Wrightwood to Agua Dulce

Here's an updated water report, dated 6/16/01, for  Wrightwood to Agua =
Dulce, for those who are still headed north and sticking to the PCT.  =
Same list also sent to PCTA for their site. =20

*    First camp outside of Wrightwood, Duffy Camp, has water.
*    Cooper Campground has water in campground.
*    Little Rock Creek is flowing and has water.
*    Little Jimmy Creek has water.
*    Lily Springs has water.
*    You also cross Lily Springs at a grotto after the Islip Saddle on
Highway 2
*    There is piped water at the Grassy Hollow Visitors Center.
*    Three Points:  No water at the campground.
*    Sulphur Springs:  There is small stagnant pool (unappealing).
*    Rock Creek:  no water.
*    Pacifico:  one small stream (don't know how long it will hold out.
*    Mill Creek station:  Piped water.  Resident ranger has been helping
hikers this year.
*    Big Buck Camp:  the "new" campground doesn't have any water, but
the "old" campground (the marked on the guide map) does have a creek
running.  It's the campground after you pass the road down a ravine.
*    Messenger Flat:  Has piped water.
*    North Fork station:  Water, showers, and a wonder camp host, Todd.
*    Soledad Canyon:  water at RV park(s).  I personally recommend the
*    Fiesta Cypress RV park, north of where the trail crosses the road.
*    Escondido Canyon:  no water.

-=3DDonna Saufley=3D-

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