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[pct-l] Snow/bugs?

As of last Friday (6/15), there was still plenty of snow on Muir, down to
about 11,000' on both sides. (Sierra Mango was bummed because it took him
5-1/2 hours to make the last 10 miles to the pass.) In general, the trail is
pretty easy to follow, but after midmorning the snow is very soft and wet,
and you'll be postholing to knees or beyond. The good news is that it's
melting fast. (Of course, that also means that the exposed trail is a wet,
muddy mess.) If you're not going for a few weeks, it'll most likely be
completely clear.

We didn't go to Mather, but northbound thruhikers told us there was no
problem with snow there. (A couple did, however, see a bear a couple miles
north of the pass!)

As for mosquitos--what's your tolerance level? They're out there, but for
the most part they weren't unbearable. Elevations on our trip ranged from
7900' to 11700' and we encountered some mossies almost everywhere. But in
only a few places--once or twice a day--did they swarm enough that we were
compelled to douse ourselves with toxic repellants. And we never did don our
silly-looking mosquito-net hats.

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> I'm headed off for part of the JMT in a couple of weeks. How is the snow
> level on Muir and Mather passes? Also, how are the mosquitoes these days?
> Thanks,
> Jerry