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[pct-l] the jmt runners....

Carl- Since you asked about the treatment we got at MTR, here is what happened.
We asked for our packages and we got them. We asked if there was an outhouse we
could use. They said no. We asked a few questions about what to expect on the
PCT for the next few miles. They kind of acted like we weren't even there and
like we could not leave soon enough. My hiking partner and I are both around
fifty and are average looking hikers with a lot of trail experience. We were
both blown away by the icey treatment.
I know the deal is: $45 bucks and we hold your package....nothing more or less.
But, like I said I would never resupply there again.
ps-This is my experience. It sounds like Tom R. and Don had better experiences
there. OTOH, I have never heard a bad VVR experience. I am sure there are some
out there.
pss- I love the recipes Linda! I am a vegetarian and....you rock! GO GIRL!!!

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