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[pct-l] MTR resupply

At 12:51 PM 6/20/01, Reynolds, WT wrote:
>I don't believe that the Muir Trail Ranch advertises thruhiker services.
>OTOH it is the most convient place to resupply midway through the John Muir

MTR does advertise "backpacker" services.

I think thru-hikers still qualify as "backpackers" even in Tom's book, though he would never be one<g>

They also offer "short stays" One or two nights - limited availability

FWIW, I have used MTR 3 times, and have found them to be polite, but somewhat distant. When one enters the ranch, it can be a bit confusing because there is nothing telling you where to pickup the package, just a barking dog, and empty horse corrals.

They are NOT trail angels, and it is NOT a place to make a town stop. VVR is much better for that. When I used MTR, I had no desire to re-enter civilization, and the $40 they charge for a maildrop seemed worth the money to avoid carrying the extra days of food. They are less than a mile off the trail.

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