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[pct-l] the jmt runners....(and MTR resupply)

 My experience at MTR was much different than Tom's.

I, along with wife Leslie and friend Bob, hiked the JMT southbound last
year, resupplying at TM, RM, VVR and MTR. When we arrived at MTR we found
both the ranch foreman and the owner, Adeline Smith, to be a bit reserved
and soft-spoken but, also, courteous, friendly and helpful. Later that day,
Bob lost his sunglasses while soaking in the hot springs and returned to the
ranch to see whether he could find a pair at the ranch's small store. The
store didn't carry sunglasses, but Adeline graciously and unselfishly gave
Bob the sunglasses she was wearing. That, IMHO, qualifies her for at least
an honorable mention as trail angel.

Don Davidson