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[pct-l] and now for something completely different

I work in the supply chain that exsists for the electrical
industry in California.  We are required by OSHA and OSHPOD
and various other agencies to keep an extensive library of
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for anything we use or
have used during construction.  Several times a week, we
receive updates to this library, some of which have been
sent with notification that the changes are relevant to the
health and safety of people coming in contact with the
material.  Yesterday, in a white (tyvek) envelope, with red
flashing, we received such notification.

Because of the efforts of this particular supplier, I am
pleased to announce this year's changes to the MSDS for:

Chemical Name: Granite
Stability: Stable
Evaporation Rate: 0
Solubility in Water: negligible
Flashpoint: not flammable
DOT Hazard Classification: none
Skin Contact Toxicity: direct contact may cause irritation
by mechanical abrasion
Ingestion Toxicity: large amounts may cause gastrointestinal
First Aid for Inhalation: dust in throat and nasal passages
should clear spontaneously
Personal Protection-Eyes: Safety glasses should be worn as
minimum protection
Storage and Handling: Do not store near food and beverages
Spill, Leak and Disposal Practice: prevent spilled material
from entering streams
Transportation Label Required: as required by OSHA and other

So, as I understand it, if I stumble against a granite
boulder I could skin my knee...if I eat too many pieces of
granite I might become constipated...and if I breathe to
much granite dust I might get a booger.  And if I'm a good
citizen, I should organise a work crew to help remove all
the granite we can find from McGee Creek.