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[pct-l] the jmt runners....

Another great option, if you can work it out, is to have someone hike in to
bring resupplies. When we hiked the JMT southbound in '73, we resupplied at
Reds Meadow. My brother-in-law and a buddy of his (they had hiked the JMT in
1959) came in over Bishop Pass to resupply us at Little Pete Meadow.

BTW, what exactly did MTR do that made them real jerks?


> Sly- I resupplied at TM, Red's Meadows, and Muir Trail Ranch. MTR was a
> bad choice. They advertise hiker services but the truth is they were
> real jerks with us. My friend insisted on walking right past the trail
> to VVR...that was a big mistake. I would resupply exactly like you
> said...TM, Red's and VVR. Muir Trial Ranch does not deserve our
> business.
> Tom