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Wow - this tops my list as one of the most pathetic un-bonding child like
posts I've seen.  Don't like a certain thread of posts?  Hey, let's put them
under a microscope and see if we can dig up some dirt - how about copyright?
Oooh yeah, now let's threaten them (to quote "there must be someplace I
can report you..and I will find it!!!").  Whether it is true or not, it
somehow reminds me of a gradeschool tattletale.  Not the type of post I'd
expect from a hiking list.  I have to agree with Jim - take this stuff
offline.  Strider, Monte, or Jim - we need a nice positive story again - you
guys are great at that - you always seem to get things back to a light
enjoyable mood.             -swoosh

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From: 	R.J.Calliger [mailto:calliger@infolane.com] 
Subject:	[pct-l] LINDA EXPOSED!! Re:  Recipe -Tamale Boats

Where do these receipes come from? Are they really Lindas????

I suspect copyright infringement as Linda is posting copyrighted material
from other lists and.or sources without giving credit.  I found the same
receipes on these sites (banq has been disconnected for fraud in posting
material from published hard-copy receipies.)

My references are below as well as the same recipe from and RV CAMP SITE...
gimme a break!!!! (Predating her post)

I suggest she stop posting before she gets a listmaster in hotwater- ya
out of the frying pan into the fire -- so to speak...If anyone really wants
these ridiculous receipes try google please... It also has become apparent
from the nature of these food items she has NEVER done an extended
backpack trip...when is the last time you saute anything on your
alchohol stove? Really??? My alcholol knob doesnt go down to simmer
or up to braise!!! <smirk> I think she has been caught red-handed
plagerizing and enuf is an enuf!! (She clearly changed a little but
the source PREDATES her post!!)

STOP and DESIST these receipes now....there must be someplace I
can report you..and I will find it!!! :-)) Notice the subtle mods
she made!!