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[pct-l] Pacific Crest Triva!!

 Here's one for you!  When was the PCT built?? Give up?? In 1977 as 
Greg,Jeff, Carl, Norm, Bill , myself and a few others bulldozed trees and 
brush out of way with those bloody external frames we used. A fully loaded 
Kelty cuts a only a foot less swath through the woods than a D8 cat. ( If 
you've ever taken an external pack through a bad blowdown area, you know what 
I mean!!) Before 1977, the Pacific Crest Trail was void and without form. 
Then , as an army of 15 or so hikers armed with 5 pound " Moon" boots and 
frame packs with more metal than the Space Needle descended upon the route, 
it was quickly transformed into the smooth and trouble free path you see 
today. If you look very closely to large trees along the PCT, you may see 
small traces of Aluminum oxide still clinging to the bark of the trees where 
the 1977 crowd lumbered their oversized external frames through tight 
quarters when builting the trail. ( It is illegal to try to remove any 
Aluminuim from trees as is protected by the National Forests " Historical 
Artifacts " division as a tribute to those who once used an " External Frame" 
to complete their Thru-hike. Mad Monte