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[pct-l] TR: Wave of PCT hikers hits Evolution area

Carl, thanks very much for the update on & message from Pam & Erich &
everybody else.

Re: <<Pam and Eric (6/13, 8pm, Evolution Meadow. They whizzed by us so fast
I'm not sure I even got their names right. They asked us to tell Chuck and ?
Kudja "thanks." And to the Kudjas, my apologies if I got your names wrong;
Pam and Eric reeled 'em off and left before I could confirm.)>>

fwiw, our (Chuck & Christine) surname is Kudija, not Kudja, although Kudja
is one of the MANY (and hysterical) variants we get on this hapless
Bohemian/Czech surname, and "kudja" is a reasonable phonetic spelling if the
j is pronounced like a "y" (and we kudija's are the only ones who care about
this ;-).  Not a problem.   Did anybody see Sassafras?

Christine (a.k.a. Kudja, Kudigo, Kurdia, cmkudija, "Flash" Kudija Yeti, etc,
etc...) Kudija