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[pct-l] Re: Bear Canister versus Ursack Ultra.

>> TR: . Either you must PROPERLY
tie/untie the sack every time you want something or you will risk a bear
sneaking in when you ain't looking. Don't laugh! It happens all the time. <<

That was a good expansion of my feelings about the canister vs. Ursack. The convenience and
security of the canister makes carrying it well worth it to me.  The extra pound slows me down a
little, no doubt, but my pack is light enough that it is not uncomfortable to carry it.  I seldom
bother to take it off for rest stops, unless they are lengthy.

Re Tom's comment, above, my son and friends went to Rancheria Falls near Hetch Hetchy reservoir in
Yosemite a week ago.  It is a very popular backpacking area.  Canisters were required, and the
ranger told them that the bears were robbing [or attempting to rob] campsites regularly in
mid-day.  When they reached the spot where they wanted to camp, a bear was watching them from
across the creek, thinking they were the afternoon Webvan delivery.  They yelled and sang
anti-bear songs until they offended it, and it ambled off, looking for a group that did not bring

Don Horst