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[pct-l] Bear canisters (was stealth camping)

I have counterbalanced for 30 years and never lost my food to bears.
However, so many recent reports of bear problems in the Thousand Island Lake 
area of the Ansel Adams Wilderness area have me so intimidated that I am 
planning to do the following with my food.  

1) Use an Ursack
2) Hang it as I would usually hang my food
3) Locate the hang about 75 - 100 yards up wind and away from my cook site.
4) Sleep within 25 yards of the hang
5) Use a "wrist rocket" to inflict pain upon any errant bear who attempts to 
powderize my food. (This idea I have humbly borrowed from Mad Monte Dodge)

My permit information has no specific wording indicating that a bear canister 
is required.  A separate map was included with the permit that says 
"Bear-Resistant Canister Requirement  *For all wilderness users, whether 
hiking or stock supported.  In effect from May 25 - October 31"

There is no explanation of this apparent "Requirement", no definitions, no 
descriptions, no recommendations on where to acquire one and indication of 
potential penalties for non-compliance.  A sheet does explain benefits and 
gives instructions on how to pack one.  

With my understanding of contract law (extensive, however, limited) this does 
not constitute a contract that can be enforced.

Am I looking for a loop hole?  You betcha!  
Now let me see . . . Weight:  Rope + Ursack + Wrist Rocket = Bear Canister?

Greg "Strider" Hummel

(another lost 1977 thruhiker)