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[pct-l] Bear canisters (was stealth camping)

Hey, you know if the NPS decided it was in their best interest for you to be 
REQUIRED to carry a first aid kit, water filter, rescue insurance, sturdy 
footwear, proper shelter and outlawed stealth camping (it already is 
designated sites only in some parks),and the ten essentials (by their 
definition) I bet there's all  kinds of people who are so compliant to 
whatever someone in authority says they wouldn't bat an eye and would just do 
as they are told.  And remember, Park managers were the ones who INSISTED 
that we hang our food via threat of a fine before they finally realized that 
the practice was little more than bear baiting. As far as personal 
consequenses go, there are none if you just have a little civil disobedience 
imagination such as possibly carrying phony I.D. and simply dispensing with 
the windy justifications and taking your "lumps". Not that I'm advocating 
anything illegal -always obey the speed limit folks and pay those user taxes 
with a smile!!
 And Tom, I feel MY well being has been put in jeopardy NOT because of hikers 
with sloppy food habits but by Park managers who have no game management plan 
WHATSOEVER and allowed bears to lose their fear of man. The simple fact is 
that bear canisters do not in any way keep bears from entering our camps. 
Since they can STILL smell the food in the canister they are going to check 
it out as long as they have nothing to fear or lose. Besides isn't being 
against Big Government and their Big Brother ways the Republican way??