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[pct-l] TR: Wave of PCT hikers hits Evolution area

In a message dated 6/18/2001 7:10:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
csiechert@hotmail.com writes:

> We saw over 30 northbound hikers, which was lots of fun for us. We regaled 
> any who would listen with stories of our 1977 trek, back when men were men, 
> the whippersnappers hiking the trail now were in diapers, and the trail was 
> hardly a trail. 
> We can report that the following hikers are alive and well. Let me rephrase 
> that: they are alive and well, hungry. The stretch to VVR is among the 
> longest between food drops, and more than one mentioned that they were 
> running low on supplies and were anxious to get to VVR for burgers, pies, 
> etc. etc. (Did we feed them? Of course not! Like bears, once thruhikers 
> become habituated to real food from backpackers, the problem becomes 
> increasingly worse. They raid other backpackers' food caches and sometimes 
> even make bluff charges. Eventually, the problem thruhikers must be 

Cool post, I like your style.  Long live the class of '77!  (and the others 
that follow)


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