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[pct-l] Recipes

I have been enjoying your recipes Linda.  The through hikers are on the
trail now, and the list is really quiet.  As a "failed to do it this year
through rider" it is fun for me to read the posts regarding other aspects of
the PCT experience other than the big Push.  One of my best meals this year
was rice.  I cooked brown rice using twice as much water as it calls for and
then dehydrated the resulting "soup". On the trail, in the morning, I took a
handful of rice, put it in my rehydrating jar, added 2 times the amount of
water or more, and carried it all day.  When I got into camp I added a bit
of dried milk, cinnamon or nutmeg, raisens, and brown sugar.  Instant rice
pudding and no cooking involved.  I am going to try cooking the rice using
the same method but using half milk.  Then I wouldn't have to use my dried
milk.  It was a very satisfying meal and so simple.  Would be good in the
morning also or anytime actually by adding veggies or other dried fruit.
Crest Rider