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[pct-l] stealth camping

Sly- shame on you for trying to fake out those pesky rangers. After all, 
isn't that kinda like taking candy from a baby? They're just trying to remedy 
a problem that they created by taking it out on you. Can't blame them for 
that now can you? Sure the bears will still smell your food and visit your 
camp regardless because they have nothing to lose but what does that matter. 
After all, any solution is better than no solution especially when there is 
no real cost or labor involved! And don't you know better than to ever 
question authority? You don't question Mr. bear when he demands your food. so 
why should you question Mr. Ranger when he demands you carry a bear canister. 
Just tell him the damn thing is in your tent or backpack and if he wants to 
see it you're claiming Fifth Amendment rights (no self incrimination) and 
he'll just have to get a search warrant after convincing some judge of 
probable cause. Hell, it's worth a try! Then again, a fake canister ain't too 
bad an idea either. Could save a lot of unnecessary hassle.