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[pct-l] stealth camping

In a message dated 6/16/2001 10:38:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mardav@intlaccess.com writes:

>    I am here to tell you that this method really works.  We have hiked
> 300 mile sections of the PCT and connecting trails in the High Sierra
> for the last 5 summers, and have stealth camped every night ( about 250
> nights).  We have slept with our food and never had a bear incident.
>   Sadly, today we broke down and bought two bear cans, as we are
> embarking next week for a 400 mile loop trip between Sonora Pass and
> Muir Pass, and will spend a lot of time in areas where bear cans are now
> mandatory equipment ( Yosemite and several regions of the Inyo Nat.
> Forest).  


I'm coming out with an inflatable pillow/stuff sack/life preserver/peebottle 
that look exactly like bear cannisters and will to be looking for testers to 
see if they can fake out the rangers.  

Are you interested?  

Have a great, regardless of the extra weight, it sounds awesome!


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