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[pct-l] Mailing resupply packages to Belden Town

Valerie recently posted some good info about resupply options at Belden.  She 
said that Belden Resort is not accepting UPS deliveries to hikers.  I just 
talked with Brian (he's now at Burney Falls), and he gave me more 

Belden Resort is also not particularly interested in getting mail for hikers. 
 Mail packages to General Delivery, Belden CA  95915.  As Valerie mentioned, 
the PO is not actually in Belden.  However:

The post office is about one mile (probably a little less than that) west on 
the highway.  That's downhill.  Take a left after you cross the bridge.  It's 
past the big PCT detour sign, on the right side of the highway.  The post 
office is open Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 1 PM.  The phone number there 
is:  (530) 283-0951.  

The postmaster is Dorothy.  She seems to be a real Trail Angel!  Hikers may 
call her AT HOME at:  (530) 283-2906 to arrange for Saturday pickup of 
resupply boxes or other mail.  She asked Brian to see that this got onto the 
PCT List.  

I'll add a reminder:  Please don't abuse this offer.  One trip down there for 
her on a Saturday is more than enough.