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[pct-l] G4 pack problems

<<  I use six sections and narrow my Z-Rest by about 4 inches. When I insert 
in the pack I put it all the way in and thus have some extra material on the 
top of the pocket which may help to prevent the Z-Rest from moving up. If 
that doesn't solve the problem you may wish to close the pocket with a small 
strip of Velcro.  >>

I carry one or two of those big laundry bag clothespins that have many uses 
on the trail.  Their primary use is as a clothesline on the back of the pack 
for dryings socks, etc., but they have come in handy for emergency repairs as 
well.  One might be used to close the top of the z-rest slot, and it 
satisfies the "multiple use" criterion.