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[pct-l] Re: Adam

Yes, It was "Nobo" and not "Noble" - I think my
hearing is going!
--- william jennings <mrjenn@hotmail.com> wrote:

<P>Hi:&nbsp;&nbsp;  Sounds like Adam Roske&nbsp;
"Nobo-Dew" in Southern California, but he is getting
kind of Noble isn't he?.&nbsp; The 4 ahead are
probably the <FONT color=#0066cc>"<STRONG>3 Amigos",
</STRONG></FONT>and <STRONG><FONT color=#0066ff>"Never
</FONT><FONT color=#0066cc>B".&nbsp;
</FONT></STRONG>Or Calendar Triple Crown <STRONG>Brian
Robinson </STRONG>and EK "Nederlander" MacColl, Kip
"Dusty Bottoms" Wetzel, and Ryan "Lucky Day" Brush.
<P></P><STRONG>+++++++++The Teutonic Knight+++++++++
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