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[pct-l] Beer can stove trouble

 To correct stove trouble , put fiberglass insultion inside stove when 
making. It seems to allow stove to burn at a more even rate thoughout it's 
use. ( Flame is more controled) Also use a good type of alcohol. I like " 
Heet" with the yellow bottle and blue label. Your flame will be blue with no 
yellow in it. My latest stove uses just 12 holes around outside of burner and 
5 holes inside concave portion that act as filler holes and secondary jets. I 
use push-pins like a person would use on a bullitin board to make holes. Key 
is to keep holes small to keep stove pressure up. Only allow push-in to enter 
half way as it is tapered thus keeping hole small. Use a small hammer with 
the pins