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[pct-l] FYI

For all those out there sending their packages to Belden Town Resort via =
UPS......DON'T! They are turning all packages away. I know that they =
have had quite a few that were being shipped to them and they have sent =
them all back. New owners do not want to support the PCT hikers because =
they have limited staffing. The proper place to send it would be the =
Belden post office which is not really IN Belden it is in Maple Leaf??? =
(Took me a while to figure that one out, I had to call the Twain Post =
Office to get the info). Anyhow, just the simple address of=20

Post Office
Belden, CA 95915

If you need further information on where the actual location is to pick =
up, you can call:=20

1-530-283-0951 and speak with Dorothy.

P.S. Sorry if this is repeated info......


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