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[pct-l] Soda Can Windscreen

 Maybe I am the last to have have used this material but Jonathan Ley showed 
me a great windscreen he had made from the metal of your " Left Over" pop 
cans. Just cut away the top and bottom parts of your soda can and cut a 
length ways slit down the side . Now your can will unroll flat and can be " 
Muffler taped " to two other cans prepared the same way. This will be enough 
to go around your 1.4 liter pot. Paper punch bottom  for air supply. You will 
need six cans to make a good screen. Three on top of three taped together. Of 
course the Roy Robinson " Turkey Pan " foil windscreen works great, but this 
just is fun because of and the " Bottomless" cans you have laying around 
after making several stoves..