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[pct-l] New "PCT Cams" Page

I've added a new page at PCT TrailQuest called "PCT Cams".  It contains =
links to "live" cams located near the trail at Bishop, Big Bear, Lake =
Tahoe, Yosemite, Donner Pass, Mt. Shasta, Cascade Locks, Government =
Camp, Willamette Pass, Santiam Pass, Crater Lake, Stevens Pass, White =
Pass and Snoqualmie.

It can be accessed from the PCT TrailQuest home page, or click on the =
URL below:

http://www.trailquest.mynet.ws/pctcams.html .

If anyone knows of other cams near the trail, please let me know.  Seems =
like there should be a Mt. Rainier cam somewhere, but I couldn't find =

David Mauldin

To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom

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