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[pct-l] Bear Canisters-Ursack

There has been a change in policy at Yosemite, Sequoia/Kings 
Canyon, and Inyo National Parks.  In most areas of those Parks, 
only approved bear-resistant containers may be used.  The good 
news is that our double bag URSACK ULTRA is on the list.  The 
bad news is that you risk SIGNIFICANT FINES if you use an 
unapproved container, such as our single bag Ursack or Ursack 

We hope someday to convince the newly formed Sierra Interagency 
Black Bear Working Group (SIBBWG) that our single bags will 
work.  Meanwhile, all we can do is to warn (beg) you not to use 
your single bags in those restricted areas.  As far as we know, 
our single bag Ursacks are approved for use anywhere else in 
North America with the possible exception of Denali.  We have 
sold hundreds of Ursacks to National Parks, individual rangers, 
wildlife specialists and guides around the country with no 
reported problems.  As always, check for restrictions before you 
head into the back country.

For those of you who don't know, the Ursack Ultra is basically 
two Ursacks nested inside one another.  Think of double bagging 
at the grocery store.  However, there are a few new wrinkles-
longer cord, extra grommet, new label,small inner flap, and 
vinyl tubing (required by SIBBWG to protect trees). 
Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade your current bag to conform it 
to the approved model.

Had we seen these changes coming, we would have told you.  We 
also would have geared up our production in a different manner.  
Regardless, we hope you will agree that SIBBWG approval is 
generally a good thing.  Last year, it was illegal to use any 
Ursack in the restricted areas of Sequoia/Kings Canyon or in 

For your information, this is the list of all the approved 
containers of a similar size:

Ursack Ultra               650 cu. in.    0.66 pounds   $ 69.95
Wild-Ideas Bearikade       650 cu. in.    1.8 pounds    $195.00
BearCan Backpacker         588 cu. in.    2.3 pounds    $ 95.00
Garcia Backpacker's Cache  600 cu. in.    2.7 pounds    $ 78.00