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[pct-l] assistance in july

hello this is Jason "Squeak" from the adz weekend. me and my wife were the
ones planning to do the pct in 2003. well we are makin a trip to quincy, ca
in july. quincy is about 20 min drive from beldon. we are headin up 395 from
san diego. if there is anyone who may be interested in some assistance or a
ride we may be able to help since we are goin that way. also while we are in
quincy (for a week) i am willing to help hikers out with rides into town or
something. i will try and leave a contact in beldon in the hiker boxes. this
will be in early july. 
Now that iv gottin on here i would like to thanks everyone for that weekend
is was very helpful and informative. we enjoyed and hope to see you all on
the trail some day.

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